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Universal Single-Chamber Casting Equipment For TITANIUM & OTHER ALLOYS

Main Advantages :

  • Equipment for melting/casting CrCoMo, NiCr, precious and semi-precious dental alloys as well as pure titanium (max. 25-g loads).
  • The melting/casting takes place under an Argon-gas shielded milieu. The whole cycle (vacuum, melting, casting and cooling down in Argon-gas) takes less than 3 minutes.
  • The melting is made easy for any type of metal/alloy by using the electric-arc provided with a rotating tungsten-made electrode.
  • No tapping- slog left when melting non-precious alloys.
  • Certified technology under the ISO 9001:2000 and EN46001, EN13585:1996 standards.

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Type of generator for the melting Inverter
Power-supply 230 VAC
Type of power-supply, N° of phases 1
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power-supply absorbed during the melting max 3,3 KW
Type of melting process TIG/WIG
Working duty-cycle, number of melting/casting per hour 5
Power-supply absorbed (no melting time) 500 VA
Max. quantity of metal/alloy per melting/casting 30/100 g
Max. size of casting ring Ø 85 mm
Min. pressure for inert Argon-gas 2 bar
Inert-gas consumption per melting/casting cycle 3 liters at 2,5 bar
Type of cooling system Forced air
Max. dimensions (H x L x W) 76 x 51 x 61 cm
Net weight, approx. 86 Kg


* Orotig Accessories & Consumables are also available

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