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For making 24K Gold copings, Telescopic crowns & Implant Prosthesis

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  Electroforming Starter Kit




Electroforming offers the possibility to produce self-bearing metal frameworks out of pure gold - without casting, sintering or high investments in new units - but in an electrochemical process.

Bioesthetics - this word, which has been coined by well-known material scientists and clinicians, expresses the main advantages of the electroforming technique. The Gramm Electroforming System (GES) delivers the best results regarding esthetics, material sciences, and reproducibility.

Electroforming means

  • No allergic reactions to metals thank to 24K gold
  • Accurate fitting precision thanks to direct deposition onto the duplicate model or the primary crown
  • Excellent esthetics
  • Only the electroforming technique provides a wall thickness of 200µm without grinding, polishing etc.
  • Outstanding economic efficiency due to very reasonable investment costs and low overheads
  • To be used together with tried and tested fixing materials
  • Extremely low plaque deposition index which is even below that of natural dental enamel
  • The gold margin may be burnished down
  • Clinically proven since 1961


Fixed Restoration

  • Crowns
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Bridges
  • Splints
  • Implants

Removable Restorations

  • Bar-retained Restorations
  • Telescopic Cases
  • Implants
  • Base Plates

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